About Us

Meet the team behind Founding Fathers Tactical Shooting and Supplies

Layered Education

With over 30 years combined experience in firearms training and expertise, we offer the full breadth of our experience in course form.

Certified Instruction

Our instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and teach classes on safely owning and operating firearms.

Interstate Shipping

Want to purchase a firearm we don’t have available in the store? We can act as an intermediary, contact us for more info.

Rugged Individualism

Rugged individualism is a term that refers to the belief that individuals should be self-reliant and independent, taking pride in their ability to take care of themselves and not rely on the help of others.

This curated collection of products focused on rugged individualism includes items that reflect these beliefs. Sturdy survival knives, multi-tools and other accessories, this collection is hand-crafted by “Hellhound Forge” for those of you who are like us.

The Basis of Belief

These individuals represent the sense of purpose and drive that we built this business upon.

George Washington

First President/Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin

Prolific Inventor/Founding Father

Protection with Purpose

Our products are hand-picked for practice, protection or high-velocity enjoyment.