Stop the Bleed Training Course


Stop the bleed and save lives. This training course is an absolute necessity for anyone working with firearms, machinery or in any industry where physical harm can result. The knowledge you will gain here benefits not only yourself but those around you.

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Stop the Bleed is a training course designed to teach individuals how to respond to life-threatening bleeding injuries. This is a Dept. of Homeland funded training course.

The course is designed to provide safety for those in the vicinity of a medical or firearms incident. It covers both the medical and firearms aspects of responding to an injury, including how to recognize the signs of life-threatening bleeding, how to properly apply a tourniquet, and how to use a hemostatic agent.

The course also covers how to use a pressure dressing, how to properly assess the severity of the wound, and how to communicate with medical personnel. Stop the Bleed is an important part of training for anyone who may be in the vicinity of a medical or firearms incident, and it can help save lives.

Course is usually 2 hrs. and we are planning a course for Mid-October. Class size is limited to 10 students. There is a $25.00 donation that will be donated to Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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